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Most of time the plastic anchor clip need to be repaired. This video shows fast and strong repair way on common situation


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The essential kit for plastic repair.Staple and welder.

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3663 STAR FINISH Ion-Tech

3663 STAR FINISH Ion-Tech

Antistatic Gun

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3664  Clip'It

3664 Clip'It

Clip’It by MixPlast repairs fast , simple to use, it gives your plastic objects. (For the particular)

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Gamme d’agrafes & Réparation plastique

Staples range & plastic repair

Our complete range of staples for plastic welding and their annex.

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Réparation, Collage & Finition

Repair, bonding & finishing

Cartridges 200ML and 50ML - Fast adhesive patch thermo-moldable - Clone maker...

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Pistolets pour cartouche & supports de réparation

Caulging gun & repair supports

Static Mixers for standard cartridges and our new generation MixPlast cartridges. With caulging gun for double component cartridges and indispensable tools for plastic repair.

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Préparation des supports


Plastic adhesion promoter, water base cleaner and silicon remover.

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Préparation avant peinture

Before painting

EQUAMIX HS, combined with our flexible additive 3440 and adhesion promoter CLEAR BOND 3670, fullfills 3 essetial function, high flexibility, high build thickness and direct adhesion on many substrate such as plastic, aluminium...

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Adhesive sealing tape in a roll that perfectly reproduces original sealing shapes commonly present on interior doors skin, hoods, trunks wheel arches and roofs.

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PACKS 1 à 6

Packs 1 to 6

MixPlast offers you 6 packs with discouts:
- PLASTIC REPAIR AND FINISHING PACK, you get the essentials to repair all kinds of plastic; Thermoplastic - Non-thermoplastic - Fiberglass - SMC / BMC.
- PLASTIQUE PAINT PACK, you get the essentials for promoting adhesion, priming and painting textured on plastics.

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Spare parts for the magic stapler.

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Bumper Plus adhesion primer fulfils two essential functions in today’s bodyshop: an all-round adhesion promoting primer and wet-on-wet primer-surfacer. It provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, such as plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, light alloys and zinc-plated steel). As a thin coat wet-on-wet primersurfacer, it provides a key to the subsequent finish. When sprayed in two full coats, it offers good filling properties. It possesses extremely fast through-drying and easiness in sandability, which makes Bumper Plus the best choice for smart repairs.

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MixPlast® offers a whole range of plastic repair products

Mixplast vous propose une gamme complète de produits pour le plastique
Mixplast vous propose une gamme complète de produits pour le plastique

Productor and specialist in the plastic repair field since 1990, MixPlast® offers an innovative whole range of specific products and tools. Our research and development are essentially based on repair process, simplification and methodology efficiency. MixPlast® range gives a simple solution at any plastic repair situation. Our job is to be able to offer an alternative to the replacement of  damaged parts, when it is technically and economically possible.